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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pre Loved Baby Gap Toddle

Pre Loved Baby Gap toddle -Authentic
Made in Egypt

Size :2Yrs
Shoulder: 23 cm
Lenght : 35 cm

Price: Rm 10

condition : 7/10

Pre Loved Baby Gap polkadot shirt-SOLD OUT

Pre Loved Baby Gap polkadot-Authentic
Made in Philipines

Size: 3yrs -Toddles
Shoulder: 23cm
Lenght: 38cm

Price: sold to  iman damia-tqvm

condition: 7/10 

sms: 0142236507

pre Loved Lovely Lace dress


kotor skit

Lovely Lace Dress for lil Princess
Size: 1
shoulder: 21cm
lenght: 44 cm

Price:RM 10

condition: 8/10 * ada kesan kotor skit as per picture no.5

sms: 0142236507

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pre Loved CROCS Shoe(SOLD)

Pre Loved

Crocs shoe for Lil princess -AUTHENTIC
*bought at the IKANO Crocs store

size: C7
PRICE:sold to umi eca

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

F1 Petronas GP 2012 Ticket, 2 x Main Grandstand Tickets(sold)

F1 Petronas GP 2012 Ticket, 2 x Main Grandstand Tickets

Two (2) Main Grand Stand F1 Tickets
Two (2) Days Pass 24,25 March 2012 (Friday admission is Free!)
Gate 1 to 5
Block N1 .31
Row E
Seat 11 and 12

PRICE :sold


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